October 13, 2012

I spent a lot of time dealing with things on YouTube yesterday.  I can’t spend that much time on it today.

I’m not sure that I should be doing that in the first place, since I’ve said that people trying to communicate with me and other people by putting things on the screen where I’m getting music is an invasion of my privacy, although not as much of an invasion of my privacy as being videotaped in the bathroom and also not as much of an invasion of my privacy as my phone being hacked.  However, I think my responses to the YouTube situation can follow the same principle that I’ve given to other situations in which my privacy for something that is meant for communication is being invaded, such as my phone being hacked; there’s no reason that I can’t defend or express myself through the medium which is being used in an invasive way toward me by other people.  They’re showing up at my YouTube screen, not the other way around.

I have the right to listen to music.


Copyright L. Kochman, October 13, 2012 @ 10:32 a.m.