October 16, 2012


–At no time was I ever on this man’s property.  It is legal to take pictures from the sidewalk, and even that I wouldn’t have done if he hadn’t harassed me by coughing at me.  I took ONE picture of him with his car after he did that.

–Either he lied to the police or the police officer who wrote the report lied where it says “Lena, began to yell at him for no reason.”  I didn’t say a word to him until a few minutes later, when he jumped out at me after having followed me in his car.  At that time, I walked past him, and when he followed me I told him to stop following me, and he said “I’m going to keep following you.”  That was when I called 911 and someone on the other side of the street asked if I was ok.  I’m sure that my conversation with 911 was recorded.

–As I’ve said before, after I’ve been harassed and stalked and tried to keep my temper about it for hours, my patience wears thin.  This incident happened when I was on my way to the shelter in the late afternoon.  I shouldn’t have spit my gum out. However, I had already started to walk away by the time that I did that.  I spit the gum at the bushes that were at the edge of his property, next to the sidewalk; it fell onto the sidewalk. 

–When I asked the police officers who showed up at the shelter if they would please go over to the basketball court with me to see if the man who had made the guy leave me alone was still there, it was quite a while after the incident had happened.  I didn’t expect him still to be there, and I told them that before we walked over there.  The reason that I asked them to go over to check was that, when Officer Amarante was talking to me at the shelter, he said that the man who had called the police about me had told the police that he’d never left his property and that that he’d never followed me in his car. 

–There are other lies and discrepancies in the report; Officer Collins both rubbed his nose at me and coughed at me, for example.  When I told him he was harassing me with his cough, he yelled “I have a chronic cough; thanks for reminding me of it.”  More than one police officer who has spoken to me, either because I called for help or someone who had harassed me decided to be particularly vindictive toward me and called them, has sexually harassed me with the noserubbing and coughing and so on.  Sometimes they do it right after I tell them that someone was harassing me by doing that.  Then they try to tell me that it doesn’t mean anything, and more than one of them has started to suggest that mental problems are causing me to think that it does.

–I’m putting the 1st page of the website for the Edinburg Center on the next page.