October 17, 2012

There’s no reason for this.  I’ve done nothing except try to make Zac Efron and Emma Watson leave me alone, and to get the people who harass and stalk me about them leave me alone.  For at least the past week, things have been showing up on the YouTube screen where I’ve listened to music, things that seemed to be from him, trying to get my attention in a way that would suggest that he was trying at least to be friends with me, and I rejected them because I hate his support for the conglomerate and the way that he’s treated me.  After one of the moments when I had rejected something that seemed to be from him, in the past few days, something showed up that seemed to be from Emma Watson, that said “Locked Out of Heaven.”

There’s no heaven that would admit those two that I would try to get into.  I’ve said, constantly, “Please, leave me alone! LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Why can’t they do that? If they’re dating, and they feel that I’m a threat to their relationship, that’s because of them and their relationship; everything that I’ve done about their relationship, if they have one, has been to try to be left out of it and try to be left alone about it.

They are the ones who have been insisting on making me a part of whatever their issues with each other are.

There was at least one thing that showed up on my phone this morning, which I ignored.  I have left them alone, except when their lives have intruded on my life and have caused harm to other people.  I’ve also asked that they leave me alone.  It seems as if one or both of them have been trying to provoke a confrontation with me, and I’ve been saying “PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE,” and they won’t stop until they get the confrontation.

Here it is; here’s the confrontation that they seem to have been asking for:


It also seems as if there have been a lot of whispering and expectation going on from the conglomerate and people who are waiting for some big moment between them and me.  It seems as if they’re all waiting for yelling from me, tearful accusation, jealousy, more “You betrayed me” statements.  I tried for years to help Mr. Efron understand that I didn’t want to be manipulated, betrayed and abused, and that I would not be a part of his life if he was a part of the conglomerate.  Every time that I got angry, I forgave him, and he seemed to take that to mean that I would never run out of positive feelings for him, and he was wrong about that.  The only thing that I’m waiting for now is for them to leave me alone.

I’ve been up since 3:00 a.m. this morning.  I’m still being stalked and abused by other people all the time.  It seems as if these two people have been trying and trying to get a reaction from me, and they’re getting one now.  It’s the one I gave them weeks if not months ago, and I mean it now more than ever:

Leave me alone.

Copyright L. Kochman, October 17, 2012 @ 5:40 p.m.