October 17, 2012

I got harassed some this morning by a couple of employees of Labor Ready; some coughing.

There seemed to be less harassment there and at the auction than there has been before.  It still happened, but there seemed to be less of it.

It’s bad enough when people walk up to or past the car that I’m driving to or through the auction and cough and sneeze at me, rub their noses at me, say things so that I can hear them, or wear t-shirts supporting various things that they know I don’t like.  I would appreciate it if Adesa stopped all of the auctioneers from doing those things and from saying things into the microphone to try to humiliate me when I’ve driven the car onto the auction block.  Not all of them have done it, but enough of them have that I’ve had my quota of it for my entire life; really, I’m all set.  No more, please.

One thing that happened today that hadn’t happened before was that, while I was driving a car to the building where the auction was going on, I saw a male police officer in the parking lot with the other people who were looking at the cars before they were driven into the building.  He was on his cell phone.  I didn’t know if he was there to harass me or to discourage other people from harassing me.  I found out which it was when he walked by the car on the driver’s side and said something about “163” so that I could hear it through the open driver’s side window.

Another male police officer showed up some time after that and they stayed around for a while.

The harassment from other people at the auction got somewhat worse after the police officer tried to provoke me.


Copyright L. Kochman, October 17, 2012 @ 5:18 p.m.