I went to Mass. Rehab on October 15, 2012 for an orientation; they’re supposed to help people find work.  I didn’t plan it correctly, and I missed the orientation.

I took some pictures; the security guard wasn’t even at the front desk when I walked into the building.  I didn’t know that the building was also where the office for Elizabeth Warrent’s election organization is.

I only have a few minutes; the story is that, when I left, I took pictures of vehicles that had stalked me to the building. The school bus had driven into the parking lot when I’d gotten there and was still there when I left.

I was almost out of the parking lot, at the far end of it, and about to get to the other side of the building when I looked back and saw that the security guard had followed me all the way through the parking lot without letting me know that he was there.

I took his picture; he followed me.  I told him to stop following me.  He called the police.  I went back to Mass. Rehab and the property manager tried to tell me that I was “hyper” and that I needed to “calm down.”

The security guard lied to the police and told them that I’d said he’d followed me to try to assault me, which makes me wonder if that was what he had intended to do.

The director for Mass. Rehab made them leave me alone.

(First published 10/21/12.  Addition made to the title and retroactive copyright written today:  Copyright, L. Kochman, October 22, 2012 @ 4:58 p.m.).