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  1. Meanwhile, the longterm impact of child abuse … The effects vary depending on the circumstances of the abuse or neglect, personal characteristics of the child, and the …​long_term… – Cached

  2. There are numerous long term effects of child molestation. These effects can follow them into adulthood. That is why it is so important to look for the signs and get …​molestation… – Cached

  3. Paul E. Mullen and Jillian Fleming … Longterm Effects of Child Sexual Abuse by Paul E. Mullen and Jillian Fleming – Cached

  4. of child maltreatment continues to grow, Aetna (NYSE: AET) hosted a thought leadership summit to address the long and short-term effects of child abuse.​2012/10/22/aetna… – Cached

  5. [Nov 14, 2008] Best Answer: California Lawyers for Victims of Child Molestation Whether a victim is a child or adult, mentally and emotionally mature or disabled, sexual … ~ by ♥Imagina… ( 10 comments )​index?qid=20081114113409AAExaKV – Cached

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  6. Childhood sexual abuse is a shockingly common and widespread problem. According to a 2003 study in “Child Abuse and Neglect,” up to 32 percent of women and 14 percent ……longterm-effects-being-​molested-child.html – Cached
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  7. The longterm effects of child sexual abuse by female perpetrators: a qualitative study of male and female victims. Denov MS. University of Ottawa, Canada.​molestation.shtml – Cached

  8. LongTerm Effects of Being Molested As a Child. Adult victims of childhood molestation exhibit a variety of negative emotional effects of their abuse.​molestation… – Cached

  9. The longterm consequences of child abuse and neglect (child maltreatment) can be profound and may endure long after the abuse or neglect occurs. Effects can appear in …​longterm – Cached

  10. As the issue of child maltreatment continues to grow, Aetna hosted a thought leadership summit to address the long and short- term effects of child abuse.…summit-address-​effects-135700998.html – Cached

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