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  1. To some, sexual harassment might not seem like a big deal, but the long term effects of sexual harassment can be serious and even debilitating for the victim.​harassment.html – Cached

  2. If these initial steps are missing, the trauma can have longterm effects and … Legal Options for Sexual Harassment; Effects of Sexual Harassment. Effects of Sexual​effectsofsexual… – Cached

  3. Sexual Harassment can be debilitating to the victim. The effects on work performance and emotional well … will surely be affected in the short term and if the harassment is …​articles/the… – Cached
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  4. Since one of the country’s first anti-sexual harassment protests in May, many men have … In the longterm we all benefit, men and women.” Solidarity or protection…/are-you-​man-enough…harassmentCached

  5. longterm effects: as noted above, the person who has experienced sexual harassment, especially prolonged and physical violence, will now view the working world … – Cached

  6. •An Illinois fire district paid $145,000 to settle two sexual harassment … What are the longterm effects of workplace harassment and continuous litigation on the fire … – Cached

  7. Effects of Harassment: Home. Signs of Harassment Physical Harassment … of relating to others who are less powerful can have serious long term…/DLiT/2004/​10harass/effects.htm – Cached

  8. Victims of bullying and harassment in school face short-term and longterm … Roberts and Richard Mann, authors of “Sexual Harassment… Positive & Negative Effects​harassment-workplace.html – Cached
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  9. Victims of bullying and harassment in school face short-term and longterm consequences. These include anxiety, depression, refusal to go to school, poor academic …​bullying-harassment… – Cached

  10. Sexual Abuse & Harassment; STI; Diet & Nutrition. Natural wonders; Nutrients; Good food guide … Longterm effects of bullying. Being bullied can lead to longterm damage to victims.​effectsCached


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