October 31, 2012

When I was at the Adesa car auction in Quincy on Monday, twice in a row the auctioneer said “Cheap car” when the car that I was driving had been sold and I was driving it out of the building or about to drive it out of the building.

The second time that he said it, I allowed my feelings about being abused to show, with the expression on my face.  I would say that my expression was one that said “I’m working, and here’s more of this.  I’m not DOING ANYTHING to this guy, and ALSO, I have to ask how it is that I’m getting called “cheap” when, very much unlike the conglomerate, I’m not doing anything that hurts people for no reason.”

Last night, I happened to see an ad for “Esurance” on TV.  The ad was covered with the words “cheep” and “cheap.”

Was it the auctioneer’s abuse of me or the ad that got sent to my phone sometime in the past couple of weeks, that said something about “cheap,” that made someone at Esurance think of creating that ad?


Copyright L. Kochman, October 31, 2012 @ 4:26 p.m.