November 7, 2012

Hopefully, I will have time later today to republish pages that I have been putting at the beginning of what I’ve been publishing.

I can’t upload pictures from this computer.

–The 5 “Feeney Brothers” Caution cones and the rock are still on the front lawn of the shelter in Waltham.  Also, when I got there last night, Caution cones had been added to the 4 that were in a hole in the parking lot that Feeney Brothers put there.  There are now 9 Caution cones around a large pile of dirt that’s next to the untarred hole.

–The Parterre truck, license plate N66-662, was parked in its usual corner of the Harvey Industries parking lot.

–A “NASDI” truck drove by me this morning when I was on my way to work.  I didn’t get a picture of it.

–A streetsweeping machine also stalked me this morning.

–The “128 Business Council” van stalked me this morning, too.  Same as usual; vehicle # 139, license plate #19943.

–Police car #1580, license plate #941, was parked so as to be seen from the back of the Labor Ready building.  So was police car #449.  When I was there making a phone call this morning, police car #450 drove past those other police cars.

–I’m still being stalked by school buses.  I didn’t take pictures of those today.

–I’m still being stalked by a lot of people.  Even one stalker is one stalker too many.

That’s some of what happened yesterday and this morning.

It seems to me that the situation at the shelter is now imminently dangerous.  The Caution cones on the front lawn with the rock, the holes that have been put in the driveway and only partially filled in with tar, and, in that place by the dirt, a hole being left there, with the 9 Caution cones around it, more unnecessary holes being put in the driveway of the lot that’s above the shelter parking lot; all of that is sending a message that the shelter has been successfully encroached upon by people who stalk and sexually abuse and want to kill women.  That shelter is the all-women’s shelter; as I said even before those overt and dramatic symbols of the conglomerate’s misogyny were put there, there’s no guarantee that I’m the woman who will be specifically attacked and/or abducted.  It could be one of the other homeless women at the shelter.  It could be one of the staff.  There’s a track around a football field right next door to the shelter where men and women both go to run and do other excercise; it could be one of the women who do that.  There are child and adolescent sports teams that go to that track.  The elementary school is right across the street.

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I took video of the streetsweeping machine, which I will try to put on “notnakedvideos” on YouTube.

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