November 7, 2012

The afternoon of the last Presidential debate, I left messages in my voicemail saying that if President Obama would stop doing all of the bad things that he’d been doing, I thought that he could stay President.  At that time, coded news stories about his resignation or impeachment had been growing.  Those stories stopped soon after I left those messages.

After I left those messages, I hoped that President Obama would stop promoting the conglomerate’s agenda of human rights abuses.  I stopped doing Internet searches of his name.  I stopped taking him apart on my blog.  I waited, and I hoped that the Republicans would not win the White House.  The Republicans didn’t win the White House.  However, President Obama hasn’t stopped promoting the conglomerate’s agenda.

There’s no reason that he shouldn’t still be made to resign.  It’s not as if the election were a real election.  I think that it took a lot of people a long time to realize that the conglomerate was serious about its goals of destroying human rights.  If more people had realized sooner what was going on, the President would have had to resign a long time ago.

Not only has the government threatened people who object to its agenda, the conglomerate controls, coerces or influences most of the people’s largest and most pervasive sources of information, and probably told a lot of lies about the race.  It wasn’t a real election.

Barack Obama is a horrible President.  He has done and continues to do horrible things.  He is a brutal and vicious misogynist who obviously plans to permanently subjugate women to men throughout the world.  He obviously plans to destroy laws that correctly punish child molesters.  He is a destroyer of human rights around the world, and, if not stopped, he will turn the world into a place where only the wealthy can buy even a vestige of safety, privacy and freedom.

There is every reason to make him resign, and no reason not to.

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November 7, 2012


The name of the video that I made so that I could publish the phone message at my blog “notnakedvideos” on YouTube is:



11/07/12:  Video from 11/07/12, Part 2:  Phone message from 10/22/12



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